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Art journal cover by Marina Ignatova

Big greetings to all creative people!

For the past year, I have been filling my art journal every month, creating new pages. But until now, my art journal didn't have a "face" for it! And it's not about the shoemaker who lives without boots himself)))) It's just that I wasn't ready to create a cover that I liked, inspired, and matched the content.

But then the moment came when I could say exactly what I wanted! I took the paints of my favorite colors and just made the background-then as in a fog)) I woke up up to my ears in paints, pastes and waxes. And there she was! Just like I imagined, even a little brighter)))


We all have design teams and specific responsibilities. Many people know what it's like to create in the deadline mode without much joy and inspiration. And with such pleasure to create something for yourself, getting high not so much from the result, but from the process - this is an indicator of real freedom. Moreover, this indicator is dear to the heart of DT!

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