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Sea adventures box by Julia Pospelova

Hello everyone, I decided to inspire you to sea adventures again! Are you with me?! Then dive into the depths of the ocean and look at my new box with a mermaid). I like to make different boxes. There are many topics that you can give life to in your work. I have depicted the underwater world with all its charms and dangers.

Thank you for your attention. Bye-bye!

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Canvas steampunk dragonfly by Mila Correa


I have made this dragonfly steampunk canvas with Finnabair products, moulds, pastes, and paints.

They represent our mechanical wings, which manifest when the original ones by A or B, have no more strength … so we will continue flying as high as we can.

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Bright colors of Spring by Julia Patrikeeva

Greetings, friends! Julia Patrikeeva is with you.

Today my inspiration is a bright canvas.

There is something eternal in art - have time to be inspired by the beautiful!

I am inspired by motivational inscriptions and photos, like those here.

The background is complicated with a texture paste using a stencil.

The basis of my composition is clay figurines with the help of moulds.

Floral fragrance and a fresh breath of air - an unforgettable spring!


Thank you for your attention! And I wish you inspiration and new ideas! Bye-bye!


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