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Colorful crab by Yulia Pospelova

Hello everyone)))Today I, Yulia Pospelova, will inspire you to sea impressions.

For you, I have created such a mix of media bright canvas. With the help of cardboard, I created wooden sticks, which I painted with impasto paints, acrylic liquid paints and waxes.I also made this crab using different materials.

Thanks for your attention.Bye-bye!

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Mysterious Box and Dive Deep panel by Margarita Shkludova

Hello, my creative friends. Margarita Shkludova is here.

The sea is a mysterious and such an unknown, unusual world for me. All my life I have lived surrounded by forests and used to draw inspiration and vitality from the wonderful fragrant coniferous forests. But it so happened that for almost 4 months now I have been living near the sea. And I have the opportunity to explore this sea world. Observe different periods of its life. It's wonderful, but still so strange to me. However, the sea sets its own mood and inspiration for my works. And this time, the amazing materials from the Mysterious Box also filled me with a nautical mood.

The tissue paper with fishes is just amazing! I used it as the background of my panel. I completed the background with a stencil, Jewel Effect Paste, paints, Metallic Flakes and transfer elements. The composition was assembled from moulds and marine finds. You can find a complete list of used products below.

Have a wonderful summer and sea inspiration to all of you!

See you soon!

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The box "Keeper of secrets" by Julia Patrikeeva

Hello everyone!

How often does our multifaceted creativity help to realize the most daring ideas?

Today my object is a box in which little secrets will be kept.

I start work on decorating with tissue paper. With the help of a matte gel, I fix it on the sides of the box.

I complicate the background with texture paste and stencil.


I build a multi-level composition and fasten the elements with the help of heavy body gel.

I add acrylic and metallic colours with paints.

Texture paste camouflage adds roughness and ageing.


At the end of the work with waxes. And that's it!


Have a wonderful day to you! And I wish you to create with pleasure!

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