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Design Team

Lisa Rabellino

Hi friends! My name is Lisa and I live in Italy with my sweet 7 years son. I'm a mixed media addicted! Since I discovered paints and pastes I love very much creating layouts and canvas decorations, playing with layers, background details, colors and embellishments. Mixed media is my happy place, where I can truly express myself and let my creativity fly like a butterfly!

Maria Lillepruun

My name is Maria Lillepruun and I am from Tallinn, Estonia. I am 35, a wife and a loving mom of a boy and a girl. I am a cat-lover, have two of British Shorthairs at home. 
I have artistic education background. I work part time as painting and polychrome wood conservator in the Estonian Open Air Museum. 
I've been involved in mixed media art and scrapbooking for 5 years and I actually do it every day, it's my biggest passion. I am real a mixed media fan :)
My favourite styles are vintage, eco and grunge. I can get inspired by absolutely anything: a photo, a colour, a pattern, a flower, a button, a broken toy, etc. Most often I create notebooks, ATCs, altered art, mixed media canvases, but I also like layouts, cards and art journaling. Anything is great as long as it contains pastes, paints and glitter!

Natalya Trofimova

Natalya Trofimova from Russia. She loves craft and art and doing this for more than 7 years. She creating all styles and objects and create wonderful video tutorials, inspirations and more.

Marina Ignatova

Hello creative friends! My name is Marina Ignatova. I'm from Russia, live in a small town called Maykop. I love creativity in all its manifestations. I am happy that my husband and two young sons share my love and support me in every way. It's priceless!
I'm a big fan of albums, mixed-media and alterscrap. Now more and more I like to work with pastes and paints, lay out multi-part decor, putting a certain sense in every detail of the project. Mixed-media allows you to create in pure inspiration without limits, without limitation. This is my freedom, my relax and self-expression. I really hope that my projects will please and inspire you! Hugs, Marina.

Inna Bronnikova

Hello! My name is Inna and I am from Russia. More recently, I moved from harsh Siberia to the warmer part of the country, and this makes me very happy and inspiring.
I am 45 years old, I really love my family: son, husband and 2 small dogs.
All my life I was engaged in creativity, sewed, professionally knitted, painted, but for the last 5 years my heart has been given to scrapbooking. It takes all my time and all my thoughts. Five years ago, scrapbooking helped me through a very difficult stage of my life. The last 3 years I have been teaching successfully.
I really like that all the accumulated skills and techniques from different types of creativity are also applicable in scrapbooking, they enrich and complement it.
I love mixed media! Paints, pastes, sprays inspire me, help express my emotions.
Scrapbooking is my biggest passion))

Svetlana Lipnitskaya

Hello! My name is Svetlana Lipnitskaya! I live in Belarus, in Minsk. I am fond of scrapbooking since 2015. I like a lot of styles, techniques and directions, but my number one love is Mixedmedia. Because with the help of paints and texture pastes, you can create real miracles! I am honored to be a part of this design team.

Olga Ravenskaya

I live in the beautiful southern city Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Almost 4 years ago I fell in love with crafting and now it's my hobby and passion!
Being a teacher by education, an advertising&marketing manager by profession, I'm totally addicted to colorful world of art and mixed media!  
Mixing colors and textures gives me endless possibilities to express  my mood, thoughts and feelings, and to implement any idea.
So happy and honored to become a part of the talented MMP Team!


Hello! You already know me because I have already been part of this fabulous team!
I am Nirvana, I live in the south of France with my husband and my children and I have been a scrapbooker for 12 years!
I like all media except paper, and I'm rather Mixed Media !!
Looking forward to seeing you all along my next creations!

Mary Tzalla

My name is Mary Tzalla and I live in beautiful and shiny Greece with my husband and our three children. I met scrapbooking about five years ago and since then it has been my obsession. I love mixed media style but always have a little vintage and some shabby chic touches on my work. I mostly do layouts but I love creating tags, cards, mini albums, canvases and altered items as well. I always try to improve my skills and test my creative ability. I find a lot of my inspiration in everyday life and when I scrap I feel so happy that I totally forget everything about me. I am so honored to be on some wonderful design teams, and being a member of the Mixed Media Place DT is another dream of me that came true!

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