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Mam na imię Ania, jestem z Polski. Od najmłodszych lat projektuję, tworzę, maluję. Hobby z lat dzieciństwa przerodziło się w fantastyczny zawód i wielką pasję.
Nie poprzestaję w twórczych poszukiwaniach, wykorzystuję przeróżne techniki, poszukuję nowych doznań artystycznych. Inspiruję się wszystkim, moja wyobraźnia nie na granic.
Pędzle, farby, papier, tkanina, szydełko, igła do szycia, druty i MIXED MEDIA!
I ciągle mi mało!

My name is Lanette, I live in southeastern Michigan with my husband, two amazing daughters and one snuggly Doberman. I am an ex-banker turned stay-at-home mom, who turns nearly everything into a craft project.

I started scrapbooking well over 10 years ago but really I've been a crafty person all my life. Somewhere along the way my love of paper turned into just a love of color!  In addition to color, I love to play with texture and I'm obsessed with layers and flowers. I'm not really sure I have a specific style because I'm always seeking a new technique .  Ultimately, I just enjoy sharing my creations and having paint on my hands.

Hi friends! My name is Lisa and I live in Italy with my sweet 7 years son. I'm a mixed media addicted! Since I discovered paints and pastes I love very much creating layouts and canvas decorations, playing with layers, background details, colors and embellishments. Mixed media is my happy place, where I can truly express myself and let my creativity fly like a butterfly!

Hello! My name is Inna and I am from Russia. More recently, I moved from harsh Siberia to the warmer part of the country, and this makes me very happy and inspiring.
I am 45 years old, I really love my family: son, husband and 2 small dogs.
All my life I was engaged in creativity, sewed, professionally knitted, painted, but for the last 5 years my heart has been given to scrapbooking. It takes all my time and all my thoughts. Five years ago, scrapbooking helped me through a very difficult stage of my life. The last 3 years I have been teaching successfully.
I really like that all the accumulated skills and techniques from different types of creativity are also applicable in scrapbooking, they enrich and complement it.
I love mixed media! Paints, pastes, sprays inspire me, help express my emotions.
Scrapbooking is my biggest passion))

Natalya Trofimova from Russia. She loves craft and art and doing this for more than 7 years. She creating all styles and objects and create wonderful video tutorials, inspirations and more.

Hello creative friends! My name is Marina Ignatova. I'm from Russia, live in a small town called Maykop. I love creativity in all its manifestations. I am happy that my husband and two young sons share my love and support me in every way. It's priceless!
I'm a big fan of albums, mixed-media and alterscrap. Now more and more I like to work with pastes and paints, lay out multi-part decor, putting a certain sense in every detail of the project. Mixed-media allows you to create in pure inspiration without limits, without limitation. This is my freedom, my relax and self-expression. I really hope that my projects will please and inspire you! Hugs, Marina.

My name is Wiola. I'm from Poland. I live in beautiful town - Cracov.I like a loose, light, slightly messy style, without cutting paper under the ruler. Stamps, jerks, splashes and layers are something I simply love. I prefer vintage style because I love old things with their souls and emotions. I'm a big fan of junk journals and assemblages.

My name is Yulia Pospelova.I live in Russia (Siberia) in Novosibirsk.I am 31 years old and have been doing scrapbooking for about 5 years. Mixed Media's creativity opened to me in 2017-2018. Since childhood, she was very fond of colors. I am an artist. I love to paint and put this love into every part of my work. Let me tell you a few words about myself. I am a very positive person, I love fairy tales and magic in my works, and I still believe that the world of scrapbooking is a magical place where good elves and fairies live. I always discover something new in myself, I find ideas in every little thing or simple thing. Sometimes inspiration catches up with me in unusual moments (for example, when cleaning the house or walking with children).
I have a big family: two sons Daniel and Maxim, my dear husband, dog Marik, cat Tikhon and rat German. We have a lot of fun))) I have my own private workshop - my quiet room for creativity. I am not afraid of restrictions and most of all I love creative freedom.

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