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The mystical canvas about Halloween with Yulia Pospelova


Hello, everybody. I'm so glad to be here... with you... for the first time... Everyone, who knows my style and works, can say for sure that I really love mysticism. Of course, for my first creation at Mixed Media Place, I've chosen the Halloween, because it's coming sooo soon! By the way, in Russia people mostly do not celebrate this holiday, it is not the part of our national culture. But when I lived in Europe, I've seen so many beautiful houses, decorated for this day. I was really impressed!

I've made the mixed-media canvas for you, where different potions, pumpkins, skulls, spells and little witches are gathered in one place. At the attic of the house you can see different boxes with various contents. And it looks so abandoned... But in my reality, everything lives and breathes here.

Also you can notice the witches room and a lot of books with old strange things here.

I love to combine various colors in my work. That's the way to make everything alive. 

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