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Princess & Batman

We love how Riikka can capture some wonderful life moments in her art.
You must see her two sensational pages, same techniques, different colours & double the fun!

It’s so fun to see my daughters grow. They are less than two years apart and even though they have same parents they are like night and day. My older is considerate, thinks before she acts and is posed whereas the younger one is all about herself, acts way before she thinks and is always looking for new friends and adventures. I just love how they complete, encourage and educate each other!

But the topic of the page isn’t after all how different they are but more reflected from the way they play. For some time now their favorite role play characters have been a princess (or mom) and Batman (or Robin). See the difference? Whereas the older one wants to be the caring, motherly princess and designs dresses and jewellery for herself the younger one insist wearing a cape (or in her case an apron on her back) and running around the house going “di-di-di-di-Batman”, the theme song of the 60’s television series Batman and Robin.

I wanted to do a page about their characters for them both but design them so that the pages make up a bigger piece when combined. So I scraplifted myself from some time ago and did a double page layout where the individual layouts work as their own but make up a bigger picture when combined.

I worked with the pages first simultaneously but used different colors on each side. The colors are the current favorites of each girl – yellow and orange for the older and blue and turquoise for the younger. This picture, them dressed all up, fitted the page perfectly with the role playing theme and also that there was a clear line going through the picture, dividing it into two halves.

I also recorded a video while doing the page so you can see how I went along with it. Hope you like it! Until next time!

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  1. This page is just genius!!! I love everything about this the individual layouts make a bigger picture...the adorable story behind the page...the background...everything!!!

  2. Although I don't scrap like this I think these pages are fantastic !
    Corrie x

  3. Your double layout is absolutely gorgeous - I can't tell you how much I love it. Your girls are just as lovely as you - and you've really scrapped the pages wonderfully around the photos. Your video was awesome - and your layout brings back wonderful memories of my sister, Barb and I.


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