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ATC triptych

Tiny masterpieces and lots of fun. 
As always France is coming back in style with inspirational piece that you will all love.

Thinking that there is no such thing as too much texture, I just followed the flow on how many mixed media products I wanted to layer on top of each other. This led to an atc triptych... which was a lot of fun to make!

The base is done to obtain a bubble texture: a layer of gesso, leave to dry. Then a generous layer of 3D gel and without leaving it to dry, another layer of watered down heavy gesso. Dry with a heat gun and this will create bubbles by heating the air trapped in between the layers.

The second layer (or forth if you count them all!) is touches of white crackle texture paste, applied here and there with a palet knife. For the third layer I dropped micro beads in the still wet crackle paste and left everything to dry.

The forth layer is a thin layer of watered down heavy gesso to unify everything. Once dry, I diluted a little bit of Snapdragon and Wine and Roses Primary Elements with water and a pinch of Clear Glaze. I applied it with a thin paintbrush and sprayed some more water over it to blend it.

I added some stamping, some sewing and some Black soot distress ink on the edges. Only thing left to do was to add a focal element et... voilà!

Your turn now, go, go, go and go crazy on texture!

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