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Time Keeper

Today we have a perfect project for all those of you who love mixed media and altered art!
Pascale created wonderful canvas in which you will fell in love.

Hello Sweeties,

Today, I'm up on Mixed Media Place blog with a new little dress.

First I drew the clock on the canvas. With the help of a precision tip bottle, I added Soft Gloss Gel on top of my drawing to give some texture. When the gel was dry, I painted the clock with white Gesso and the background with black Gesso. Witha stencil and 3D Gloss Gel, I added some stars to the background, which I covered with black Gesso too.

When dry, I lightly colored the clock with Mica Powders in spray and I added some gold wax on the reliefs of the clock. I used the same Mica Powders with 3D Gloss Gel to color the black background.

I covered the Mechanicals with black Gesso, then with the Mica Powders mixed with the Soft Gloss Gel. I used the 3D Matte Gel to glue them to the canvas as well as the flowers.

To glue the Micro Beads, I used the Soft Matte Gel which became invisible when dry.

I colored the Canvas Resist with the Mica Powders in spray. And I made a glaze with the Soft Gloss Gel and the Rust Mica Powder to color the chest.

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  1. Oh this is so pretty. Love the idea of using a pretty fress as a part of a Steampunk canvas. Love the bacground you made. Great with the stars you added this way. Wonderfull watch you created.
    Can I ask you how you created the upper part of the dressform wearing the dress ?? Did you make it from a steel wire ?
    Thanks for sharing your lovely canvas. You are so very creative and talented.
    Hugs from Monica.... Spain


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