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The Beat Goes On

One of the most beautiful things of mixed media is the fact that it allows us complete artistic freedom.
Feel like creating on a piece of wood? Why not?! Get inspired by Gayle's beautiful creation...

Hello. Today I’d like to show you my mixed media 3D block - ”The Beat Goes On”
This started as a block of wood (from a friend who is a furniture maker) that measures 3”x4”. I love to collage and I’ve learnt that you can collage on just about anything.

Finnabair's new range of Art Basics Gels is perfect for collage, in fact, it's better than any other gel mediums I’ve tried. This whole project is pretty much held together with Finnabair’s Soft Gloss Gel and the 3D Matte Gel. The Soft Gloss Gel is also perfect for mixing with acrylic paint to add translucency and shine.

I’ve covered my block with papers from the Sunrise Sunset A4 paper pad and then built on this with other images, paint and metal embellishments.

On top of this block I added the heart (made of polystyrene) with arteries made of plastic tubing, some Finnabair's Mechanicals and Prima Junkyard Findings. I sliced some of the back off the heart so it would sit flat on the block of wood. The polystyrene was easy to dig into to make small openings for the tubing to fit into, added the “plumbing” fittings and built up the “mechanical” parts, all held in place with Art Basics 3D Matte Gel.

Some of the cogs are chipboards that have been coated with Art Basics Soft Gloss Gel and sprinkled with Art Sugar.

Materials from Mixed Media Place:


  1. Beautifully artsy! The colours and he added embellishments look great together. Xx

  2. Totally amazing! So original!!

  3. Oh love your wood block.. Amazing what you can do with such a "simple" thing as an old wooden block. Adore your fittings on the top. The plastic tubing and the tap... Is the tap also from an older Finnabar set where they had several water tap, tubes a set ???
    Gorgeous project and fab vivid colors !!!!
    Thanks a lot for sharing this inspirational idea !!!!
    Hugs from Spain.. Monica

  4. Beautiful!! love those vibrant colors and texture ..unique piece of art!!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Absolutely breathtaking masterpiece. wow.


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