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Art Exercises

How about some creative exercises?
Today we have some really great ideas by Agnieszka of how to practise your art muscle! ;)

Hi, everone,
today I'd like to show you some of my new art journal spreads.
I've decided to work with colors and composition as one can never have enough exercise, right? :)

I started with priming pages in an old book with gesso. I applied gesso with Catalyst Wedge No6 which is a very useful palette knife. Catalyst tools are made of flexible silicone and perfectly fit in a hand. They are also great to use with acrylic paints.
Next, I glued different sorts of materials on my pages - cardboard, scrapbooking papers, paper tape, etc. I decided to arrange them in simple geometrical shapes which is a very easy composition exercise.

Then, I applied colors. You can obviously use paintbrushes or palette knives but also your own fingers. The more tools you'll use, the more interesting the effect.
Acrylic paints are just perfect - they dry quickly and if you're not satisfied with the result, you can always paint a new layer on top of it.

You can use gel medium to mix with acrylic paints to achieve a transluscent effect so that the paper underneath remains visible.

I often do such creative exercises and I strongly recommend them for you - they give a lot of joy and really improve your eye and hand.

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  1. Fantastic job :) I love the purples especially!

  2. wonderful :) i place an order in your store to try it quickly

  3. oh wonderful pages, love the textues, colours xx

  4. Very inspiring!

  5. Cet atelier est intéressant et je ne connaissais pas le galet de texture en silicone. Merci pour ce partage


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