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Izinks 101

Have you ever wondered what Izinks are all about?
They are a very clever little supply! ;)
Today, we have Tusia explaining how they work, sharing some beutiful examples of her artworks & a video tutorial.

But that's not all - we also have a Discount Week for you at Mixed Media Place store (September 9-16)!
Read more about it below but first, let Tusia inspire you to splash some inks. :)

Izinks are pigment inks that are watersoluble but permanent after drying.
When wet - they are similar to watercolors. When dry - they are permanent like acrylic paints. Each bottle has a dropper.

Below you can see a background created with Izinks. As you can see, the blue color is transparent. I used water to dilute the Izink ink so it could be transparent.

You can create a watercolor effect if you spray some water on top of wet Izinks. The colors will mix as if they were watercolors, but when everything dries, the colors will be permanent.

Below you can see that if you do not dilute Izinks with water and leave them as they are, it will create a totally opaque effect or a transparent one.

I created a video for you - I wanted to show you Izinks in action. :)
I created this art journal page:

And here is the video:

Thank you for watching :)
Wouldn't you like to try out these amazing inks?
This week you have a chance to grab a 10% discount on all Izinks in our Mixed Media Place store!
Starting today (September 9th) 'till September 16th you can get all your favorite colors of Izinks and see for yourselves the magic that they do. ;)
All you have to do is to use this code at the checkout:
And here are just some (!) of the delicious colors of Izinks we have available at our store:

We also think that white, silver & gold are an absolute must! :)

 Happy creating, everyone!


  1. A lovely short video which taught me all I need to know about Izinks. Thank you!

  2. Tusia, thank you so much for this great tutorial - you are a gem! Love the projects too!

  3. Thanks for the video Tusia, have always wanted to know more about these inks :-)


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