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Summer Music vol.1 - Freedom!!!

Hello, everyone! We are so thrilled to announce a new summer challenge here on Mixed Media Place!
We have to admit that while discussing the new topics, our Design Team got really excited, well... there was even some dancing involved. :)
So what is the plan...?

For the next three months we will present our interpretations of some really great songs and we hope you will join us!
You can create artworks inspired by the music, lyrics, video or any association that your Muse will suggest. :) And this month we'll start with the ultimate classic that is "Freedom" by George Michael.
So turn your speakers on and enjoy some great art that this song sparked in our DT's imaginations. :)

"Freedom" is just one of these songs which are really connected to my life. Every time I hear it, I start do dance. I just can't stop myself :) But at the same time I really like the lyrics. It's a song about changes, about being more mature, about freedom of choices. It's ok to change our life, it's ok to fight for our independence, it's ok to try to find out who you really are.

Freedom is important for me and it's not the first time when I created something inspired by this word. This time I decided to do something different than usually. I let my freedom flow. ;) Uncontrolled painting with paints, a brayer and creative palette, freehand writing (I barely use it on my works because I'm not very proud of my handwriting ;) ), freehand drawing, more layers of paint, some splashes - everything very intuitive and not calculated for a certain effect. I just let myself play and have fun.
In the meantime I started to listen to another piece of music - I felt inspired (still in a "meaning of freedom" way) so I also used lyrics from another song . Hey - why not? I'm free. I can do anything I want. :)

The result may look messy and random but for me there are plenty of little signs and important things to rememeber.

Supplies from Mixed Media Place:

I watched the music video several times and looked up the meaning of the song: why did George write this song, what did he want to say?

I let it all sink in for a moment and the thing that came back to mind every time I thought about it, were the explosions in the video!

So I picked colors reminding me those explosions. :)))

And here's a video tutorial of how I made this spread:

Supplies from Mixed Media Place:

My page inspired by this song has given me the opportunity to play with ”pattern”.

The two faces representing the other person we sometimes need or are forced to be, are decorated with lots of pattern coming from stamps, tissue paper and some rub-ons. Embossed pattern for some texture and water coloured areas to soften. Base paper and die-cut doilies are from the beautiful 9th Wave collection.

The detail on the eyebrows, eyelid and lips was done using a beautiful stamp. The colour underneath comes from a fill your own “empty marker” pen and I’ve used rubber masking fluid as a protective mask around the edges. I will put some more details on my blog.

Supplies from Mixed Media Place:

I am blessed to have the freedom to choose my way of living. I know I'm privileged and wanted to make a page to show that I don't take it for granted.

Black is my favourite color so I chose to use the beautiful Lonely Evenings paper designed by Finnabair for 7Dots Studio. I've used some gesso as a base for the colours.

I love bright colors and I'm very happy about the Neon thing going on right now. I painted with Ecoline and acrylic paints and I added some neon washi tapes. Finally I added some embellishments and the title.

The picture is a polaroid taken last fall when I was teaching on a crop outside Bergen. Something I love to do and I hope to do even more in the future.

Supplies from Mixed Media Place:

When I was listening to George Michael's "Freedom", I immediatly thought about Her: the Statue of Liberty.

She has been and still is the symbol of Freedom: the one who is giving hope to thousands of people.

Supplies from Mixed Media Place:

I remember this song from my youth. It was never a big hit for me so I guess that's why I was  struggling at first to get a grip of the piece.
I find music very inspiring, but I have to admit that usually I listen to something very different.

The images of the video hit me hard, but I wanted to be more inspired by the music itself so I chose to go with the lyrics. Although I have to admit that the video itself plays a big role in my spread.

I used the blue color scheme and printed profiles of one of the super models in the video. But the lyrics have a captivating idea - a person doesn't belong to any other than himself. So very true.

Supplies from Mixed Media Place:

I love this song! Freedom of being me is one of the most important things in my life.

I wouldn't be able to live in disguise!

For me, one of the symbols of freedom is the sea - so I used a photo of myself at the seaside.

The background for this layout was created with Izinks (love them!!), gesso, stencils, stamping and glimmer mists. All papers and paper elements are 7 Dots Studio.

Supplies from Mixed Media Place:

And now it's time for a very pleasant moment - announcing the winner of our last Emotional Challenge episode - the topic was Stress and our favorite mixed media interpretation was created by...

with this beautiful art journal spread:

Congratulations! Please contact us to claim your prizes: store(at)

So, now it's time for you - has our song made you feel like dancing and creating? :)
Show us you creations! It's just enough to add a link to your work using the inlinkz tool below.
We'll be waiting until August 19th.
Then, one work chosen by our DT will be awarded a prize (a discount coupon to be used in Mixed Media Place store).


  1. Congrats Marina!!! Your pages are amazing!!!
    And girls from DT - I am blown away by your talent!!! Stunning projects!

  2. Wow! Not believe my eyes! Very happy to be a winner here!))

    1. МАРИНА!! Рада твоим успехам! Так держать! ))

  3. Marina, and we are very happy to feature your beautiful artwork! :)

  4. all projects are so amazing!!!

  5. Wow oh wow what a wonderful reveal! Congratulations ladies - such stellar projects!!

  6. What fantastic work ladies! Awesome reveal!! Such inspiring projects!!!

  7. Amazing takes on this challenge! You ladies are all so talented and inspirational.

    Congrats to Marina on her fantastic journal spread. Love it!

  8. Funny, I don't remember this song at all, at least now that I wasn't able to listen to it yet. But what a gorgeos reveal! I really admire what each of you did, and enjoyed reading your stories of how you were inspired by the song.

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  10. Thanks so much for all the awesome inspiration and for the fun challenge!

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