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Heart of Turisas

Lately, we have been in quite a musical mood here on Mixed Media Place. :)
In case you missed it, take a look at our brand new challenge inspired by George Michael's song and today, we come with one more stunning musical inspiration!

Music is a big inspiration to me. If a piece of music is to my liking and really has an effect on me, I see it in pictures.
Sometimes it's like watching a movie, sometimes it's just series of images. The notes turn into colors, lines and visual images. Sometimes the piece always brings the same images into my mind, sometimes it changes during every listening.

This particular piece was inspired by one of my favorite bands, Turisas. The name is a character in Finnish mythology. In their song "Battle Metal", the lyrics go:
"The heart of Turisas was forged by four winds
In a smithy high up in the skies;
On an anvil honour, with a hammer of blood
The Four Winds pounded".

My mental image was a heart made of metal, rising of debris, pounding and red with the flames of the smithy and blood.

I made the heart using styrofoam heart and aluminium tape. I cut small pieces of the tape, layered them across the heart and made the joints visible with a knitting needle. Then I applied black acrylic paint, alcohol inks and glazes to the heart. Finally, I melted some embossing powder on top to make the heart seem a bit rusty and have more texture to it.

I used red and black in the background as they are the colors of the band and they also carried out the bloody yet metal feel. The metal nics and nacks I gathered in the background include for example guitar parts, lamps, screws, bottle caps and pieces of an old clock.

Supplies from Mixed Media Place:


  1. Wauw, absolutely LOVE it !!! You're so talented !

  2. This is a stunning piece. I love it. Love every details. Thanks for sharing, Johanne Lacombe

  3. Masterpiece!!!!! Absolutely <3

  4. Aivan mielettömän ihana. Amazing again!

  5. It's an incredible piece of art! The elements are so real and in the same time so in harmony together, and the colours blend so fine! I love it!

  6. I love such bloody, mechanical mood! Stunning work!

  7. Jaw dropped when I saw this piece! So intense and a masterpiece

  8. Oh my word Riikka this is amazing!

  9. Wow.This is fantastic.Love it.

  10. Wooooooow!!!!! How coool is this!!! This is really gorgeous, Riikka, love this - I´ll try the use of aluminium tape for sure, so fantastic!

  11. I will repeat my self here, as i already told you how much i love this piece...I just think this might be one of my all tme favorite creations of yours!!
    You are such and inspiration Riikka!

  12. Beautiful piece!! where did you buy the styrofoam heart??

    1. Hi there! I bought the heart from a local mortar store here in Finland. But crafty stores around the globe should have something similar or then you can make your own out of paper maché :)

    2. Thank you Riikka! I think I will attempt to make it out of paper maché or modelling paste since I have been to all craft stores around and no one has any :(

    3. I'm sorry to hear that you haven't found it, but with paper maché you can create an unique heart - just like the one you want!


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