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Summer Day Experiment

Summer days are here to stay. Why not play with some mixed media? ;)
Today we have Kasia encouraging us all to experiment and try out new inspirations.

Hello! How are you spending this beautiful summer day?
I'm feeling great, especially that I had a few days off so I could take a deep breath and relax a bit. When I'm relaxed I feel that special need to create more and try out different things.
That is the story of the work that I'd like to show you today.

This time my inspiration was the art of Sabrina Ward Harrison. I know that I'm very far from this artist but there is a special sparkle in all of her works that I wanted to ignite in myself. And I think I managed to do it.

I covered my page with gesso and started playing with paints. I would love to tell you step by step what I did here but to be honest, it was just an experiment, simply jumping from one medium to another.

It may not be exactly my style and maybe I will never try this technique again (but hey! why not!?), but I'm happy I dared to work a bit differently from my usual process and to work boldly.
That is another reason to love holidays! :)

Supplies from Mixed Media Place:


  1. Hi! The background looks amazing! Don't stop there... :) Ingrid xx

  2. Love it, I like the way you make a 12x12 look modern and sparkling!


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