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Shades of Memories

Sometimes it's worth venturing on an art adventure just for the sake of it!
Find the time to simply enjoy the process, the colors, the feel of modeling paste under your fingers... :)
Just like France did today...

For once, I felt like making art for the sake of art. No hidden message, no utility whatsoever.
Just the image, textures and the colors I had in mind.

The hardest part? Accept the difference between what I had in mind and the actual result.

I worked on a 24 x 30 cm. canvas board. I glued down a strip of home rusted paper using gel medium.

Using a strip of bazzil as mask over the rusted paper, I applied several layers of modeling paste, leaving each layer the time to dry before adding the next one.

Once the last layer of modeling paste was halfway dry, I made imprints using all kind of washers, then left it to dry completely.
I added shades of grey by combining layers and layers of several grey shades of PanPastel and Squid Gelato, watering the last one down before adding some more. I also added shades of raw amber PanPastel and Chocolate Gelato for a more earthy feel to it.
I think I have as much as 10 layers of PanPastel and watered down Gelato as I kept going until I had the shading I liked.

To add some interest and shading to the wooden border, I burned it using a small torch. I punched holes through the canvas board so that I could fix the border with brads. I glued the mechanical washer with gel medium and finalized the canvas with some shadow stamping.

Now go, go and get creative for the sake of getting creative! :)

Supplies from Mixed Media Place:


  1. Again beautiful textures France and great shading, message or no message it's an amazing piece of art!

  2. You still have me pondering your title "Shades of Memories," France. At 70, I have a lot of memories and only now realize that although they are all memories, so are much more vivid that others. Just remarkable for me to think about this. It truly is as if some are gray, while others are set apart in much more detail. I love your art today--perhaps for selfish reasons! Mwah!

  3. Wonderful, love it !
    Corrie x

  4. great project. how did you rust the paper?

    1. I added a complete tutorial on paper rusting on my blog. You'll find it here:

  5. you amaze me with your talent--brilliant!

  6. Very cool! Love all the layers!!


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