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Box of Treasures

Today Anai reveals some tips & tricks so that you can make your own precious mixed media cutie. :)

Few weeks ago I showed you a small box colored with Gelatos and some other media. I made another one - in pink shades. :)

I took some photos during the process and today I'd like to give you step by step instructions. :)
First of all, I covered the box with gesso using a sponge which gave me some additional texture:

Then I used pink and violet Gelatos:

As you probably know, Gelatos work beautifully with water. I used a waterbrush to achieve a watercolor effect. Also I used a paper towel to pick up color in some places. When you work on gessoed surface it's easier to control the color:

After drying the box, I started adding some shadows with black, silver and white Gelatos - only on the edges:

I smudged the shadows on the edges with my fingers and then started working on the lid of the box.
There was some floral pattern debossed, so I decided to add some color to it. :)
I used a small brush with just a little bit of water and a purple Gelato. Well... actually, my brush was a little bit dirty from the chalk Prima ink... but as it usually happens when you work with media - it turned out pretty interesting with a kind of gradient effect. ;)

And then it was time for final touches and some embellishments on top - some white flowers covered with Glimmer Mists and a bit of white paint on the edges, metal "jeans" buttons, pebbles (I love them!) and so on. :)

I hope you like the final effect and that you feel inspired to work with Gelatos (or any kind of other colorful media) - it's pure fun and creativity!

Supplies from Mixed Media Place:


  1. je l adore cette petite boite toute rose!

  2. Beautiful piece..delicate and lovely.
    susan s

  3. What a terrific box, beautifully created!

  4. It looks so beautiful! Yes it is very inspiring!!


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