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Being like...

Have you ever longed to be somone else...?
Grab some pretty papers, delicious media and just imagine for a while...

Sometimes I have this idea that I would like to become someone else. Just for a little moment.
When I decide on which artist I would like to be that day, I analyze his or her works, I try to capture the atmosphere of their works, some characteristic compositions or details.

Then I sit down, get my supplies ready and start working. I try and I try and in the end it turns out that my work looks like... well... my own.
Maybe a little bit different from my usual style but still mine.

So today I'd like to show you these two works. Both of them were inspired by a very well-known artist.
I wonder whether you will guess who I wanted to be this time. ;)

In my first layout I used the beautiful Illumination collection which is very elegant and so perfectly designed by Anai.

I arranged the triangles cut out from Connections paper on another paper from the same collection. I added the text (it means: "Me That You Don't Know") and my photos that were framed using a filmstrip die.
I decided that my layout needed a little bit of color so I smudged some magenta Pan Pastel with my finger and around the photos and the triangles and then I added some Ecoline watercolor with a paintbrush.
I finished off with some splashes of white Ecoline and tiny black paper specks that were the leftovers after cutting out my frames.

My second layout is quite colorful which is not at all typical of me.
After deciding what my composition would look like, I prepared my background using a stencil and chalk inks, stamps and Ecoline watercolor.
When everything dried, I glued some thread with gel medium and then added all the other elements.
And again - some splashes of Ecoline, hand drawn frames with white Gelato crayon.

Supplies from Mixed Media Place:


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