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Strange Fate of Jane Eyre

Everyone of us has a different creative process. Some people love to act quickly, others spend hours (days? ;) ) meditating every move.
Whatever it is for you - we hope you remember to enjoy it! :)

There are times when everything keeps going wrong but finally it turns out that it was supposed to be.
Are you curious how I created these pages? It's a long story...

I started with glueing scraps of my favourite papers using gel medium. Then, I cut an old photo in half and used a soft pencil to add the outlines.

I wanted to blend the papers into the background so I applied some gesso.
After a while I thought that my background was a bit too uniform so I glued bits of different kinds of band-aids and pieces of fabric as I wanted to create some interesting textures.
Then I used a mask and applied modeling paste.

My pages looked better now. I decided to paint it with acrylic paints and strong tea infusion.
When everything dried, I came to a conclusion that there is too much texture and I decided to tear off some of it and cover some parts with gesso applied through a mask.

Then I added some more acrylic paints and tea infusion. I was almost there but I still felt it lookd a bit... empty. So I splashed my pages with watered down acrylics and added some metal elements.
I could go on splashing, adding, substracting, painting, glueing and tearing off... But the time of publication was near.
Is anyone surprised that I my creative process always takes so long? ;)

Materials from Mixed Media Place:


  1. Interesting way to put the photo in two pieces, I really like the effect! And also the background. Thanks for sharing!