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...Just Be...

Sometimes we tend to rush, we focus on fancy techniques or achieving certain results and forget one very simple thing... Joy...
Do you allow yourself to enjoy the creative process?

It can feel so good to work on a project and just follow your mojo. Wherever it may lead you. It can feel so good to just… be.
This is what I felt making this piece. So, needless to say, making this was sheer joy and very relaxing.

I needed a frame with a small opening, so I started by ripping the canvas off its frame and cleaning the frame from all the staples.
The back of this one might not seem like much, but those little canvases often have an interesting wooden frame underneath!

See the front of this one looks pretty cool. :)
The first layer I applied is a mixture of gesso with Autumn Skies and Mystic Blue Lumin’Arte. Once dried, I added touches of Blueberry and Boysenberry Gelato. I rubbed those in with my finger.

Touches of Tarnished Brass Distress paint and Orange PanPastel added the needed rustic look. Rustic look that I completed by sanding the edges and adding Black Soot Distress ink.

I went through my stash of home rusted metal and assembled what appealed to me: Bold and Nuts from the Junkyard Finding collection, Roman Numerals from the Mechanical collection, gears and even construction belt !
The heart is made from cold porcelain and it's painted with acrylic paint.

I finalized the piece with some random stamping using Finnabair’s Sunrise Sunset cling stamps and her Stamps and Adverts set, in Black Jet and Sepia Archival ink.

So, where does your mojo take you when you allow yourself to… just be?
Will you show me?

Materials from Mixed Media Place:


  1. Gorgeous France, really loved that rustic look and the thickness of the frame!

  2. I never thought of ripping off the canvas off the frame! What a great idea! Absolutely a gorgeous piece.

  3. you are unbelievably talented!! I love this piece!

  4. I love this. You are always thinking outside the box. Looks like a lot of fun to make too.

  5. I think this is wonderful ! Great job !
    Corrie x

  6. Fantastic piece, I adore the colours. Tracy x

  7. Absolutely stunning - the effect of the layered colour mediums on the wood is just glorious!
    Alison x

  8. We all need to just BE, just let it go without thinking it over too much. Thanks for that reminder! Gorgeous!


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