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Design Team for 2022-2023

Hello friends,

October is around the corner already, so it's time for a new term in Mixed Media Place. And if it is a new term for our Design Team, there are also some changes. We are very happy to announce, that Asia Szczurowska, Julia Patrikeeva, Karolina Bukowska, Lanette Erickson and Julia Pospelova stays with us for another year! They will inspire all of us with their talent and passion for mixed-media. Below we remind some of their projects:

We are thrilled to tell you that another five fabulous ladies joined our team for 2022-2023. We guess you all know them: Anja Vanderform, Julia Chorna, Louise Crosbie, Marietta Tegi and Mila Correa!!! We are so excited!! Their styles, talent and love for mixed-media are exactly, what we needed! Below we showcase some of the projects by all new Design Team members.

We can't wait to start sharing their beautiful projects on our blog!
We hope you wait for their inspiration as much as we do :)

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