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Power and magic by Marina Ignatova

Hello, friends! Today my art journal has been updated with a new page! Not so long ago, my very desired dream came true, the one that I was really striving for. I can't tell you about it yet, but I managed to capture emotions on the way to it!

When a person has a dream, it is still not at all mature, thin and transparent, completely ephemeral. After a while, the dream becomes a goal, you already see a door, the keys to which have yet to be found. But you are full of hope, because you are making efforts, you have a lot of courage and diligence. You are floating above the earth, obsessed with your dream, and the wings of your aspirations carry you to the goal - to that very door. And then you just have to stretch out your hands, turn the lock and open the door…


But this is a completely different story, which will also certainly appear in my art journal)

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