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Grungy canvas by Nirvana

Hi everybody!!

Today I present to you a canvas a little grunge, trash! I found this skull in a store, my husband cut the back of it so that I could glue it flat on a canvas! 

Once glued, I added recycled embellishments, and others like Prima flowers, metal embellishments, chipboards, art stones ... Then, I delicately applied gesso everywhere except on my canvas! The task is not easy, you have to be careful !! (Some embellishments are painted before being pasted) I then spent "old silver" wax everywhere! 

Then I diluted the liquid acrylic paint "Carmine" with water to give a rusty and bloody effect !! I only put it in a few places, and added a little "fire ruby" wax, then I added paste effect rust to these same places, to make a worn and aged effect ... As the rust turns green in time, I applied a few drops of "Emerald" liquid acrylic paint! Finally, I diluted a little "White" liquid acrylic paint in water to make small white spots!


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