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Moth by Anastasia Korvyakova

Hello friends! Despite the fact that there is still one month before winter ends, or maybe even two months and March is usually cold and snowy, sometimes I think about Spring laready. In this work I fantasized about the alternative world and its inhabitants. For example about butterflies, which are like moths. Or vice versa))

I love the combination of texture pastes with waxes. And acrylic paints! It is a great pleasure to use wonderful materials and not be limited by them. In this work, I used a lot of different products by Finnabair - acrylic paints, rust effect pastes, different texture pastes, waxes etc.
I prepared for you two video tutorials. In the first one I show how to make a moth from die-cut elements. In the second video tutorial I will make an old wall on which it will live. The story is as follows: it's an alternative world in which buildings were built mostly of iron. There was a cataclysm. And now moss grows and insects live on the remaining parts of buildings.

First video tutorial:

Second video tutorial:

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1 comment:

  1. You have wonderful imagination. The butterfly is stunning! Created from leaf die cuts, right? And the colors are fabulous!


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