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A doll with secrets by Anastasia Korvyakova

Hello friends! 
Anastasia here. I have created for your inspiration an altered art doll. I like to use old things in my projects, turning them into something new. For several years, I had a Hermes perfume box. I didn't know how I wanted to use it and the idea to alter this box came suddenly.

When I was making this doll I remembered how many secrets are kept inside everyone of us. So I put a lot of different things inside.

I decorated my doll with different metal embellishments by Finnabair and Mitform Casting. For fixing all heavy elements I used Heavy Body Gel. For vintage view I used Impasto paints "Linen", a little bit "Dark Chocolate", and also grounded coffee(I puted granules on some places and sprinkled them with water).

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  1. Wow. Amazing inspiration. 😊


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