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19 by Juliya Tirskaya

Hello everyone! It's Juliya here. I would like to share with you my new art. Art about my love for the old iron, light bulbs and gypsum figurines of angels. And of course to the cracks.

A few details of the work, and I'll tell you how to do the texture on the frame.

Now a little about the process))
I wanted a textured, rough base layer.
So I mixed the modeling paste Opaque matte + Texture powder.
The powder is very fine and adds texture to the smooth paste. And it also makes it thicker.

When the first layer has dried, I put the inverse paste White Sand. This paste with large sand, when it dries, it becomes transparent. I put it in places!
When the sandy paste dries and stops sticking, I add the Crackle paste. Also not on the whole frame.

While the krakle dries, I select the background paper, cut out the right size, and cover it with gel.

The paste dried and cracked. Now I paste the background. I add more pieces of paper. And I decide to paint not alcoholics, but powder. But first, I need to mute the bright background.
I cover with a thin layer of Gesso.

Now I can play with powder. I dilute it with water, and paint the frame and background.

Then glue the parts on the Heavy Body Gel, toning all the waxes and the work is ready!

Best regards,
Juliya Tirskaya

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  1. Oh, let me count the ways I love this framed work! Thank you so much for your tutorial on the frame. Would you mind sharing how you colored your embellishments? Thank you!

    1. I painted the embellishments with alcoholic ink. And then tinted with wax ))


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