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Home decor by Juliya Tirskaya

Hello! Today with you Juliya. I want to show you how to do the decoration for the house.

Cut out fish from thick cardboard.
Prepare a dry twig, which we then hang our decor.
Then i put Heavi Gesso on fish and twigs.

When the gesso is dry, you can apply the paste. I wanted textures, so I chose Texture Paste White Sand.
And I stick a White Resist Canvas, the stripes are associated with the sea.

Add gauze and a little gesso.
Add decor. I introduced the seashore after the storm. When you can find different "treasures" - shells, rusted iron and various debris

I paint all the Gesso on two layers.
Add a little Texture Paste White Crackle.

The paste dried up. Now I can paint!
Take a little paint on the palette and add water. That the paint became liquid. Now you can paint. The paint will flow, in the process I add streaks with a brush with water.

The paint has dried up? excellent!
Now I can add a paste with a patina effect.
Then powder. In the indentations, where it should be darker Very little!

Now I put the Hesso dry brush. Powder gives color and perfectly stretches
I made three layers of Gesso.
A little more powder. Make shadows and add shine.

When all is well dried can be waxed!
With a dry brush, I rubе twig with a powder and add a little to the fish.

I add a cord, punch holes and tie fish to a twig.
At the very end, I add Art Stones.

I admire the result))

Best regards,
Juliya Tirskaya

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