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Holly Turtle by Denisa Gryczova

Welcome. Do you remember the last time you let your imagination run riot? I did such crazy thing a few days ago. It´s so liberating and fun. Grabbed stunning Finnabair´s waxes, black gesso and gel. Left all the sensibility behind and just went for it. For those who seek any message or some kind of meaningful thought in my art, it may be rather confusing today. The only sense is the nonsense and total craziness.

For such project you´ll need just heavy black gesso (black acrylic), heavy body gel (strong glue), metallic waxes and some elements plus canvas. The first thing to do is to place your elements in desired composition on the canvas. Create as much texture as you can. You can use some micropearls, beads, structure paste, flakes, threads as well. Glue everything down. When dry cover the entire surface with black gesso and let it dry. Then apply the waxes either with a dry brush or your fingers.

The focal point of my canvas is a metal tortoise. It´s from my mum´s belt that she wore when I was a little girl. I´ve always wanted to have it. After 30 years I managed. Haha. Now it´s gonna live forever on the canvas in my craft room. My Holly Turtle. 

Wishing you happy crafting and just remember to be daring and do what you feel like doing! 

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