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Spread Your Wings

Individuality is something we all have. Some of us may not even realize it :)
We are pretty sure that Janka's creativity will blow your mind! Take a look...

It is said that artists have winged souls and their imagination has no limits. When creating this project I kept thinking about the fact that every dream can become real when we gain some courage first.

 Life is like those wings, you can be happy in every moment, trying to see your happiness, put your life together piece by piece and at the end you can say, "Wow, it was beautiful!"

The wings are made from hand-sliced paper feathers. All the embellishments here such as key, lock, pocket watches are here for a reason - the importance of the transience of human life.


Products from Mixed Media Place:


  1. Gorgeous, love the colours and the idea . Fabulous piece . Tracy x

  2. Oh my gosh - what a gorgeous piece - it's wonderful!

  3. STUNNING! The wings are gorgeous and the meaning behind every element is so beautiful!

  4. Completely magical!
    Alison x

  5. Congratulations. I usually see in this blog so much talent but today is pure art.

  6. Wow !! agreed with you said and You prove it ! totaly your creation blown mind.


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