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Healing - art journal

We have some very special treat for you today!
Anai yet again created some spectacular piece of art in which you can find most amazing background. All you need is some paints...

Hi everyone :)
Today I have another pages from my art journal for you. It's my favourite form of expression recently - perfect way to try new things, new techniques and different medias. This time I was working mostly with acrylic paints to create interesting background. I was working with few layers of paints - this way they could blend, overlap and give me interesting look I was hoping for :)

My idea for the background was pretty simple - trying to use different paints, different tools, check the effects and work as long as l need to :) I also played a little bit with a black india ink to create this weird shape on the right page :) It was very creative evening!

When I was happy with my background I covered it with a layer of clear gesso - it helped me to get even, matte surface - perfect for the rest of the process.

My next step (next day when I was sure that everything is dry) was drawing some flowers with a black markers and colouring them with watercolor paints (Ecoline and Dylusions Ink Sprays mostly). Clear gesso is a great background for watercolour paints - I highly recommend it!

You can see on the close-ups that the creative process was pretty complex :) I'm not even able to tell you all the things I've tried. And to be honest - I don't want to :) The most exciting thing about creativity is trying to find your own ways. It's such a great joy - working on your own, creating, not trying to duplicate someone else work. I really want you to try this - use your paints in different ways, use different brushes, tools, your fingers... You can mix colors, wipe it of partially with a baby-wipe or some kind of scraper. Imagination is your limit. Don't be affraid to make mistakes. If you're not happy with the result use a white or black paint to cover some parts and move on to another layers!

Don't be afraid my lovely creative friends! Be brave :) You can always start over :) 


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  1. This is beautiful & inspiring, thanks for sharing. Wondering what type of book/paper was used to stand up and not wrinkle under all the layers.

    1. I'm using Ranger's Dylusions Creative Journal, which has a very nice thick paper - good for mixed-media. Also - I'm using thin layers of paint and after the first layer dryes it also protects the paper from getting wet and wrinkled when I add next layers.
      Hope you will give this a try :)

    2. Thanks for your reply, I'm going to check out that journal & also remember to let my first layer dry well.

  2. Experimentation that went well. Awesome sauce colors and layers with the paints. Looks like you had a fun day creating! ~Niki

    1. Thank you :) It was fun creative time indeed :)

  3. Beautiful pages and background and the flowers and sentiments are awesome.


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