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Do you sometimes allow your emotions to take over your project?
Do you create freely, without plan and let go?
Take a look at amazing canvas from Anai... detail, texture and colour... emotional freedom!

Have you ever wonder what's the most important thing in art for you?
For me it's emotion.
I want to feel - whether I'm exploring art or creating it.
Sometimes I'm creating art because I feel too much. And that's exactly the case in todays project. So excuse me for not saying too much about it. I'd like you to feel it more than think about how it's done or what does it mean...

The basic concept was pretty simple. I've created the background using gesso, lace, texture paste, crackle paint and modeling paste with a stencil. When it was dry I started adding color (mostly with Lindy's Stamp Gang sprays).

I have a special box in my creative space. It's full of strange old metal elements I bought online many years ago. Some would say it's garbage ;) I would say it's a box of treasures :)
I've made a simple composition with these elements. Simple and full of meaning at the same time.
I wasn't even sure which words to use. But while I was creating it suddenly I've though about "open heart surgery".
"Open-hearted" is obviously a word-play.

I didn't want it to be dark or depressing. I hope you don't take it this way...
I was just thinking about all this hard situations in life, when you struggle with your own emotions. When you have to cut, sew, add some wires and screws - just to be able to move forward still in one piece.
It can be messy sometimes. But I like messy. It gives me power and hope that everything can be fixed.

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