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Create Your Own Art

Art journaling and recycling?
Yes please! 
Perfect combination to achieve some spectacular effects.
Take a look at Janka's amazing journal spread and 'create your own'.
Hi everyone,

Do you pay attention to the jars and bottles that are finished? Those could be used not only as your storage but also as part of your journal. As you can guess today we will talk about recycling.

You can remove all the stickers from jars and their tops and use them to your project. Sometimes it is not that easy to remove it but steam will help you out. Jars are great as your small storage for paper flowers, gems, metal embellishments and more.

And those stickers? I use them as my journal background, sometimes I cut out the words only (soft, gold, basics, moon, transparent, art...)

I created art journal page where I used stickers from different art products - soft matte gel, modeling paste opaque, sticker from Lindy's Stamp Gang spray, Inka Gold, Micro Beads and Glass glitter.

That way we have no rubbish left :) Eco friendly journal.
Next time think twice before throwing things, old brush, paint tube, piece of tissue, chipboard leftovers. Those are the things that will make your art special.


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  1. I have kept all kinds of re-cycle stuff now I just need to use it on my projects :D

  2. How brilliant to use the labels. I never would have thought of that.

  3. How brilliant to use the labels. I never would have thought of that.

  4. Great idea! And lovely journal page.


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