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Art journals are like a haven, a safe place to express your emotions, to let go and find a new strength.
That's the beauty of art journaling and today we have a truly extraordinary example...

Today I'd like to show you my journal spread about waiting. Oh, how I hate waiting... Waiting makes me both mad and sad. ;-)
I made this spread during one lonely evening when my girlfriend was on a business trip. In this artwork I used  a picture of my girlfriend from a time when it was her who was waiting for me.

I started my journal pages with gluing different sorts of materials on my primed with gesso pages - cardboard, scrapbooking papers, embellishments, paper tape, lace etc.
Next I used blue acrylic paints - blue being a perfect choice to express my sadness, my feeling blue on that day.
Then I stamped my pages with little dots using black ink and splashed my work with a blue Twinkling H2O.

On the day when I was creating this piece, I also felt very angry because of her trip, so I took crayons and rapidly scribbled on my work.

I think it's good to pour our emotions onto paper, it lets us find some distance from harsh reality.

Materials from Mixed Media Place:


  1. This is beautiful ..I love the feeling blue spread...matches me today ..but not in a bad way at all beautifully made.
    susan s

  2. It's beautiful, the project. But the photo is just perfect........

  3. Stunning!! And so many emotions!!