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One Creative Evening

A while ago Anai shared her beautiful mixed media canvas telling us a story of a very special creative meeting of three of our Design Team Members.
Today you can see another stunning artwork created at that time. :)

Hello, dear friends!
I hope you are spending a beautiful and creative weekend. The weekend are a prefect moment to meet with friends and to inspire you to do that, I would like to share with you my new work.

I made this layout during a fun evening with Agnieszka Anna and Anai. We were just sitting together, talking, laughing, drinking sweet wine, and talking talking talking. On our table - besides our art journals - there were also paints, sprays, paintbrushes, inks, pencils and so much more.
I always thought that I can create only while absolutely alone, but it turned out that during our meeting, when I was so absorbed by our conversations, I created quite a nice layout without too much concentration... :)

And perhaps my lack of concentration is the reason why it's so difficult to me to explain to you exactly the technique I used.:)
What I can tell you for sure is that first, I painted the paper with a mix of different colors of acrylic paints applied with a roller. Then I cut it into squares and glued on my cardstock like a mosaic. Then I sprayed with a mist made with Primary Elements powder using Tattered Lace stencil.

There is also a very simple composition of flowers and metal embellishments around Agnieszka's photo. I covered everything with a very thin layer of Art Basics Heavy White Gesso.

And this is yet another proof that it's better not to think too much while creating. This way it can give you more pleasure, you can really relax and have some fun. So why don't you try this out?

Simply invite your best creative friends, enjoy your time together talking and creating without too much concentration. I can promise you will love it!

Materials from Mixed Media Place:


  1. Gorgeous! Love the vibrant color palette!

  2. Stunning! Love the colors, too.

  3. Magical pink makes me feel strange. But it's nice.


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