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My Favorite

The world of scrapbooking is such a fantastic place - it makes us appreciate and celebrate our daily life, even the smallest moments or... objects that make our lives more pleasant...
Have you ever tried creating around the theme of your favorite things in life? We hope you feel inspired by today's piece!

I've been thinking about doing a neutral page for some time now. 
I usually love to use colors, but that leaves me having a lot of neutral papers left. So I wanted to challenge myself and create something colorless.
Luckily, I happened to have a great photo with a very neutral color scheme and it inspired me to use a lot of black in the page.

The picture is of my favorite jacket which I bought last spring. Ever since I brought it home with me, it's been almost the only jacket I use so it deserved a page of its own.

I also happened to have the best embellishments for the page in my stash - the little jeans buttons from Prima. They fitted the theme perfectly!

I started again with gesso, but then used India ink, mists and Design Memory Craft pens to make the background.

I also created a little video of the process - hope you'll enjoy it!

Supplies from Mixed Media Place:


  1. thanks a lot
    i discovered your art work this summer and i love it

  2. Thanks for sharing your art and your skills Riikka - love the jacket :D

  3. gorgeous spread! love the black shades of it.

  4. Gorgeous project Riikka and great tutorial - thank you so much!


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