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Altered Atlas

How to turn something as mundane and boring like paperwork into an art piece?
Would you ever think it was possible? :)
Talented and creative France proves it is!

Like many peeps out there, I hate paperwork. Not only am I a big zero when it comes to figures, I also feel that time spending doing paperwork is stolen art time!
Maybe, just maybe, if I have a more fun environment to work in, things might be less annoying. So I gave this 1956 atlas a new life... as my file storage!

If you're a book restorer, you might not like how I treated this atlas... at all! ;)
But at least, I'm giving it a second life and most of all: lots of love!

And in case you wonder, yes, it worked - I'm much more inclined to keep my paperwork up to date now, as stroking and manipulating this new storage adds to the fun. :)))

And here's a video so you can see the whole creative process:

Supplies from Mixed Media Place:

p.s. We have some special news for you today - we're proud to announce that gorgeous stencils designed by one of our talented Design Team Members, Kasia Krzymińska {a.k.a. Czekoczyna} are available in our shop!
[together with some other delicious new art toys!]


and 12"x12":


  1. Wonderful book and video.

  2. Beautiful altered book

  3. Beautiful as is all your work!

  4. Thank you for inspiration:

  5. I'm in love - great in every inch :)


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