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Freedom To Be Who You Are

We are truly blessed to have a Design Team that not only consists of amazing artists but also ten really great people!
These ladies are the friendliest bunch and it's a huge pleasure to be creating our mixed media paradise in their company and to be part of their art adventures!

Hello. I’m presenting a journal page today. This page is reflective of how I felt after having been offered my position on the design team here at Mixed Media Place...
Of course I was very happy, excited and thankful, but as well as that I felt freedom to be able to create how I wanted, in my own way, in my own style and be confident in doing that without doubting myself.

Acceptance offers freedom. Whether it is acceptance of race, religion, gender, age or sexuality. Whether it is to be accepted just by your peers or by the whole of society; acceptance is truly liberating.

The background paper used is Finnabair's “Overused Tablecloth” from her Domestic Goddess collection (my all time favourite). I painted a small watercolour of myself and used it instead of a photo.

The background consists of layers of gesso, paint, paper, paper serviette, stamps (regular and embossed), ink and brown wrapping paper from the first parcel I received from Ireland with my Mixed Media Place materials in it.

You can just see in the background where a Finnabair doily stencil was used with clear embossing powder and watercolour applied over the top.

Can you also see the beautiful little bird postage stamp that came on my parcel from Ireland? :)

Supplies from Mixed Media Place:


  1. Wild, free and stunning!

  2. Amazing! Really love it!

  3. Love the blue and red together. Love your message of freedom through acceptance. And, when we accept ourselves, we are really free!

  4. A stellar piece of art - truly inspirational. Your creativity is beyond compare :D

  5. Gayle..first let me congratulate you ! how marvelous for you! Your spread is gorgeous.Acceptance is such a delight on a page and yours is elegant and gorgeous.

  6. I love how you have used the stamp & packaging too. You know the saying that genius is not recognised by peers because it is ahead of it's time. Never second guess yourself Gayle & yes accept your pure talent wholeheartedly!!


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