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Not in the mood? Create anyway! :)

For those of you who are still wondering WHY on Earth do so many people do art journaling - here's another reason:

art journals can also act as sketchbooks in which we may gather ideas, make lists, collect inspirations or - like in Linda's example today - they can be an excellent place to try out and test all sorts of delicious new supplies. :)

The inspiration for this double art journal page started with the new Izink acrylic pigment inks I had to try out.
I wanted to see how it reacts with water, before and after it was dry. Many of my AJ pages are made with the testing of new materials in mind.

First, I added some masking tape and fiberglass strips to create extra texture. Then, a layer of gesso on most of the page. When the gesso was wet I added some wood veneer elements to the page and the gesso acted as glue.
When it was dry, I sprinkled the page with water, then added drops of Pigment Izink paint. It didn't float as much as the Ecoline watercolor paint but when it was dry, it didn't smudge even when adding more water to the page. So I could add layers of paint and that was great fun.

I left the page to dry, then added strips of 7dots stickers. The text on the stickers gave me the theme of the page:

Never forget to create, even when you feel not to do so.

Finally, I added some text with black Ecoline and yellow paint on the wood veneer.

Thank you for looking!

Materials from Mixed Media Place:

p.s.: Have you seen all the delicious new products you could test in your art journals? :)
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  1. I love the idea of art journaling but am frozen at the thought of trying!

    1. Try it, you will not regret it, it feels good to play without rules. And you don't have to show it to anybody... ;-)


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