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Why Not Trying Something New

Kasia a.k.a. Czekoczyna is known for her love of experiments in her works and today she has come with one more idea of how to encourage us all to try something new.
Which is the key to creativity, don't you think? :)

Hello our dear readers!
Let's talk about art journaling today. When I first discovered it, my works were very simple.
At that time I would build my composition very clean and simple using only one or two splashes of color, then maybe I would add some short quotation and my page was done.
I was never satisfied with such a simple effect so I decided to move forward and started using more and more elements in my works. When I finally learned how to control all these things on my pages I decided that I like collage pages better than such chaos. So once again I was looking for new ways to express myself in my art journals.
And today I tried something new once again. Maybe I get bored easily and that is why I constantly need to try something new. But I think it is a very good way to develop your skills. Always try new techniques, always learn and never  stop moving forward.

This time I started with a background painted with acrylic paints and then I added many different pieces from old magazines.

This process was absolutely opposite to what I used to do. My last step was working with doodling and watercolor paints.

I don't know if it will be my favorite way of working but I must admit that it was worth trying out.

Materials from Mixed Media Place:


  1. Stunning pages! Collage over a coloured background is a fun way to create!

  2. Very interesting! Thank you for sharing!!


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