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♥ All you need is Love ♥

We can always count on Tusia to bring some great positive energy to the table.
And here she is again - spreading the Love. :)

My art journal page is about love. But not about love between a man and a woman but about universal love. Our world it not always a happy place but in the end, the only thing that matters, is love. It makes our lives lighter and more joyful. Even if the circumstances are not always simple...

I wanted to express my feelings and this is the reason why you will find in my art journal pink, red, but also some dark colors (which really I rarely use).

At the beginning I primed my art journal page with gesso - I was going to use lots of water and I didn't want it to ruin my other pages. So after priming, I created the background using red Izink. It blends wonderfully with water. This big red splash in the centre of my page was made using red Izink. But not only - the pink shade on the whole page was made using exactly the same Izink color. :)

Then I applied Opaline Izink - you can see on the photos below the beautifully pearly shine it created.

I mixed some Heavy Gel Medium with Luminarte pink pigment and applied it through a stencil to create heart pattern.

I also used Light Pink PanPastel (Magenta Tint 430.8) to create a big heart on the left. The final touch was adding journaling, doodling and some tags and elements from 7 Dots Studio (Illumination and The Queen's Heart collections).

I am in love in Izinks and soon there will be more projects with them. :)
Have a great day!

Materials from Mixed Media Place:


  1. Tak niepokojąco gra tutaj ten czerwony.... ale bardzo ładne!!!


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