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What else to do with a tag...? by France Papillon

We have really wonderful new inspiration for you today prepared by:

France - one of the sweetest girls ever - has also prepared some fantastic step-by-step for you so that you can join in our creative mixed media adventure!

I started to play with a tag, one of my favorite go to items after my art journal. Looking at the finished tag is a proof that combining some of my favorite mixed media toys and home rusted Mechanicals can only mean fun to me.

 But once my tag was done, I liked it too much to just leave it like that and put it away. So I came up with a good excuse to have it on display on my table: a stamp binder. And what’s more: a Finnabair Prima stamp binder! Now it acts like an inspiration board, right in front of me on my table!

I started with a layer of gesso on a n°8 Manilla tag. Once dried, I placed masking tape on the tag to create a grid.

I applied 2 layers of medium: a thick layer of gel medium and a layer of gesso, without waiting for the gel medium to dry. Before I forced it to dry with my heat gun, I took the tape away. Drying it with the heat gun created bubbles in the medium.

To add some colour, I diluted Autumn Skies and Golden Bamboo Primary Elements Artist Pigments in spray bottles with water and I sprayed it on the tag. To accentuate the colors, I went over it with Peacock Feather and Vintage Photo Distress ink.

I added splatters with the diluted pigments, diluted black acrylic paint and water.

I chose my embellishments (which received a home rusting treatment) and burned the edges of a paper left over. I finished it with a plaster strip left over, a home rusted paperclip and some sewing.

These plastic liners came with a binder. Some of them have 3 pockets: 2 small ones and 1 big one. I cut the liners in half and added sewing so that every liner had 3 closed sides.

Out of the back cover of a paper block, I cut 2 pieces of 12,5 cm x 18,5 cm and covered them with 7Dots Studio Papers and Kraft Cardstock. Using my Cinch, I added a binding ring through everything to create a … Finnabair Stamp binder!

Supplies from Mixed Media Place:


  1. Waouh, it's just perfect, France !!

  2. Fabulous binder, fantastic use of those page pockets, te tag on the front looks amazing snd I just love the whole idea of it!

  3. A wonderful idea! I love it!
    Alison xxx

  4. I love this idea as I have been working with tags for the last month…(I incorporated them into my Christmas Cards). Great idea…France!!

  5. Brilliant and inspiring make from France... makes me want to go and play!
    Alison x

  6. Awesome idea and beautiful as always. Cheers, Vron

  7. Ah, you surprised me! I was so sure you had created a mini ATC binder! But, a stamp binder is also a brilliant idea! Stamps that are put away are out of the way! But, in this beautiful binder on your desk is perfect! You have used my favorite blue/brown color combo, too! Well done, France!!

  8. What a fantastic idea! (I was thinking an ATC binder would be a great idea took Kay.) I'm so glad you showed the step by step photos. I probably would have tossed it when my tag got warped but you show how amazing it became. Always an inspiration, France.

  9. Just perfect! Cool idea - love it so much! :))))

  10. Stunning.... I have one of these journals on my list. XOXO

  11. LOVE the grid idea...what a clever girl France is!!
    Also really LOVING this blog....


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