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A steampunk style canvas by Marietta Tegi

Hello Everyone!

I'm back on the blog. :)

This time I made a steampunk-style canvas, which was special because I put chipboard on it, so no stencilling was needed.

I applied white gesso to black canvas, then used metallique mermaid teal acrylic paint, spraying more water on it to get a more intense colour in some areas and a paler colour in others.

I applied white gesso to the chipboard base and then applied a minimal amount of cracking paste. I then applied brass hardware and burnt sienna acrylic paints. And for a slightly rusty effect, I used matte impasto dark chocolate.

For the brick mould elements, I used a mixture of burnt sienna and crimson liquid acrylic paints. I sanded it down a bit for a rustic effect and applied ink black acrylic paint, in a very thin layer.

I painted the other mould elements with metallique ancient coin paint.

I applied peacock and aged brass waxes to both the edges of the mould elements and the mitform metal elements.

I sponged white gesso on the edges of the metal flowers, then applied white pearl wax. it was very shiny, so I added a little blue colour, namely mermaid teal.

I gave the Art Pebbles their final colour with a mixture of liquid crimson acrylic paint and ancient coin metallic acrylic paint.

As a final step, I added granular decorative elements.



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