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The moths gathering by Louise Crosbie

Hi there.

My project this month was inspired by an evening spent in the garden watching the moths gather around the string of lights that are hanging up. 

There’s something lovely about watching them flutter around the lights when it’s still warm enough to sit outside even though it’s starting to get dark. 

I used resin cast in moulds to build up my scene, including Finnabair’s new light bulb mould ( I love it). 

I started with a finnabair stencil, then added the resin parts using heavy body gel. I gave the whole thing a very good coverage of black gesso in two fine layers rather than one thick layer. this helps keep the fine details. One thick coat would lose the detail and can leave big blobs among it all.

The colour was added using metallique paints, mica powder, and metallique wax. 

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