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Octopus Clock by Lori Woods


Hello creative friends! I'm so happy to be a part of the Mixed Media Place DT for the next year and hope I can inspire you with my creations. Since it's October and we're all getting into the spooky mood, I decided to create something a little creepy cute for my first project!

When I first saw the metal clock frame, I began to create a story in my head for it. A long time ago the clock was washed overboard from a ship caught in a storm and drifted down to the sea bed. As it lay there, becoming rusty and corroded by the salt water, a wandering octopus found it. The octopus decided it would make a perfect new home but first he had to start removing the inner clock workings to make some room for himself!

To create the inner workings of the clock I used a mix of resin casts from the Large Gears, Machine Parts and Mechnica moulds, painted these with Flame and Brass Hardware metallique paints and then added some Rust Effect pastes to create the rusty look. I used small gears and metal embellishments with the tentacles to give the effect that the octopus was pulling the clock insides apart.

For the outside of the clock, I used the Victorian Tiles stencil to create some dimension and detail. I painted the clock using the same metallique paints and rusts pastes but added in areas of mica flakes. Rust pastes and mica are a fantastic combination as together they create a super rusty effect that looks like flaking paint. Everything was then finished off with some watered down Jade Impasto paint to give the impression of patina on the metal.

I hope this shows how versatile the clock frame can be and with a little imagination, you can create any kind of story to fill it! I have a video with all the steps for you here: 

 and thanks for stopping by :)

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