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Guest Designer: Yulya Chorna

Hello everyone!

My name is Yulya Chorna. I live in Lviv, a beautiful city in western Ukraine. I am 32 years old.

I discovered scrapbooking a long time ago but started creating just for three  years. Why so? Because I never had enough time for this. I was always busy with my education (btw, I have a masters degree in Finances :)), my previous job, kids etc.

So I always thought “maybe later” but when I gave birth to my third child I understood that I must do something because I just will go crazy. And with three kids in the house I started creating! Yes, it turned out that it's possible to create in any conditions.You just need to have a desire!

My favorite products in scrap are:

- First of all, Paper. Nice paper = beautiful work (if you have quality products, your creation looks great anyway);

-Paints. If you have paints you can create the background for your work by yourself;

- Flowers. I just can’t imagine my crafts without flowers. They give a special look to all works and make them live and natural;

- Metallic elements - I don’t know why but I love to add them to my crafts as well.



I hope you enjoyed celebrating the New Year 2021 :)

The first present I got from 2021 was the energy, inspiration, and more time/opportunities for scrapbooking :) So I am happy to share with you my first work in 2021 - decorated photo frame in light-golden winter tones, decorated with the essential attributes of winter holidays - Christmas tree twigs and toys.

On this occasion, I also want to wish everyone a successful and productive 2021 year! May 2021 you will allow you to implement all plans and achieve all goals! May your dreams come true in 2021 :)

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