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Mixed media magnets by Maria Lillepruun

Hello, dear mixed media friends!

This is Maria Lillepruun with you today. My turn to inspire you! Today I will show you how I make little cute decorative magnets using the moulds and the air hardening clay. The process is quite simple but the result is rather impressive. Such little cuties are great to give as a gift to friends, or to use on your own fridge or magnet boards as decorations.

First, I picked a very beautiful ornamental silicone mold by Prima Marketing Inc, and made some castings using some very light air hardening clay.

Then, I let the clay dry and colored all the future magnets black on both side, using heavy gesso black.

When the gesso layer was also dry, I sprayed the pieces with Lindy´s Gang ink sprays. That brought some basic color to the surface.

Then, I chose the Opal Magic wax "Green Brocade" to touch up the texture on the clay cast magnets, bringing forward the whole beauty.

Now, it was time for pure fun! I attached the main elements - the little sparkling crystals - to the middle of the magnets, and glued on some blue and green glitter, using 3D Gloss Gel for it.
Finally, I attached some grass colored micro beads to the surface, turning my magnets into the little mysterious  candies.

I hope you like the video tutorial. Thank you for your attention!

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