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Arabian night by Maria Lillepruun

Greetings, dear Mixed Media Place friends!
Today is my birthday, so I wanted to create something really beautiful for your inspiration :)) I hope I managed.

Long ago, I had this idea of creating an elaborate hanging wall decor in Middle East style, an Arabian night of my own. So when my kids outgrew the florescent stars and crescents on the ceilings of their bedrooms, I finally had an opportunity to turn the crescents into a beautiful hanger for my studio.

The process was pretty simple itself. I sticked the crescents together and covered this combination with white heavy gesso. Later, I applied some texture, using a modeling paste and a stencil. My intention was to keep this piece monochrome, so I attached the chipboards and metallic embellishments as decorations, and painted them partially with linen Impasto paint.

I also added some really shiny rhinestones here and there, as well as the chains and hanging trinkets. The whole process took me about two hours.

Thank you for your attention.
Maria Lillepruun

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