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Magical wands by Georgie

Hi guys,

I figured for this post this I would combine a project that I have been working on for my son’s birthday. He is having a Harry Potter themed party and of course there are lots of things to make!

With lots of things to make, of course I need to break out my Finnabair art ingredients :) So with a Harry Potter party what is the number one thing to create for the kids… wands!!!

Turns out that they are really easy to make too!

I have included in this a post a step by step (with photos) to show my process. But it is sooooo simple to make and quite effective.

With a few ingredients (black gesso and art alchemy waxes) you have instant magic in your hands.

And why not include a little box for them to go in? I created the labels on Canva but whipped up some boxed using 7 Dots papers!

Just a little bit of tissue oar to help support and display the wand.

Step by step process:

Step one:
Using black gesso, give two coats to the chop sticks.

Step two:
Apply hot glue in weird and wonderful layers :)

Step three:
Apply a further coat of black gesso over the dried hot glue.

Step four:
Add some metallic wax, using various colours over hitting all raised edges leaving shadowy areas in the crevices.

Step five:
Add colour to each wand and then add a lighter metal colour to create highlights.

Hope you have enjoyed this slightly different post.
Happy creating!

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  1. These are just too cool for school! I was wondering what to give my grandson's classmates as "welcome back" to school gifts. I think these wands will get everyone off to a great school year in September. Thanks for the inspiration and since I only have to make ten of these, thanks for giving me the time to get them done well in advance.

    I am new to your blog but I have absolutely fallen in love with your work!

  2. Thank you Georgie! My dream is come true! I will make one! xoxo

  3. Super cool and creative project! Thank you so much for the tutorial. I think my kid is just about the age to start reading the Harry Potters!

  4. WOW! Awesome job! I am an adult and love Harry Potter and this is definitely a perfect gift for a child.

  5. Wow - this is incredible. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
    I think i am going to make a few just for display in a vase. I think they are awesome. Definitely sharing this with friends.

  6. Menuda imaginación.
    Excelente trabajo.
    Gracias por compartir el paso a paso. Se aprende y se puede coger ideas para futuros proyectos.
    Saludos y feliz finde!!!

  7. Wowh! thees are so Cool!
    I have to give it a go soon:)
    Thanks for fab.inspiration!

  8. Too creative!!! Love these!


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