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Now and then canvas by Juliya Tirskaya

Hello friends!
My winter this year goes under the sign of Rust Paste)) I want to all grow old and cover with rust paste.

At the base of the tissue, glued to Clear Gesso. Then layer Rust Paste, red. And the base of the decor.
Then I added a mix of Rust Paste and Art Stones.
Then I added a mixture of rusty and art stones and dried everything well. I needed rust caverns. Therefore, adding blue streaks and drying the background, I removed the large stones. Under them were rusty pits, then what's necessary!
Then it remains to glue the decor, paint it, add toppings and all. In the finals of Gesso White and wax, and you can go to take foto))

And my video tutorial. I hope you like it!

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