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Halloween box by Juliya Tirskaya

Hello friends!
I really love the witches' accessories from the Halloween party.
Castles, cobwebs, sorcerous potions and box - mmm, my favorite subject))
This year I decided to make a small box, and hide the sweets in it.

For a start, I pasted on the box decor and lace.

The next step is to make the texture on the cover. For this, the texture paste with White Sand  is perfect!

When the paste dried, I paint everything with Black Gesso. Also I collect a composition.  Decor I glue on the Heavy Body Gel.

And then again I cover everything with Black Gesso.

And then the most delicious begins! I mixed Soft Gloss Gel with the Mica Powder color Purple and applied it to my box with a dry brush. I tried not to completely cover the black color and do not clog the texture of the tree.

When everything dried up, it was the turn of the waxes. For me it was a real experiment! And I really liked how to lay wax on such a surface!

I have four colors here - Red Amber, Lucky Emerald, Amethyst Magic Antique Brilliance series and Vintage Gold from the Metallique Wax series.

The colors blend perfectly with each other and give very beautiful transitions.

And such delicious contents of such a "terrible" box))

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