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Personal Inferno by Denisa

Welcome! It´s Denisa here with a bit dark art journaling today. I chose quite dramatic contrast and strong reds and blacks to express a crucial issue in the contemporary society. The topic no one really dares to talk about.

Lots of women and kids suffer from constant violent behavior in relationships. Thinking they deserve it. But remember you are worth nothing but pure love, tenderness and respect. Search for help and stop it as soon as you can. You need to live your life and bring up your kids in a safe environment. But you have to do some action to get there and be happy finally.

Here´s the quote of my AJ: He Was Her Personal Inferno

Now just a few words about my creative process. The very first thing I did was applying a random layer of heavy gesso onto my checked background. I decided to have the focal point on the top.  I did some archival ink stamping there then I grabbed some chippie left over painted it with gesso and black archival ink. I also applied some modelling paste over the stencil and let it dry.

Next I added some red wire to the chippie. Then I did some splattering. When I was happy with the result I glued on the chippie. I punched a hole in it to glue the pic from the other side. I also sprinkled on some glass glitter and beads. To emphasize the texture I applied some shiny waxes with my fingers here and there.

Hoping to get my message across to any of you who might feel trapped in life. Wishing you the strength within your soul and heart.

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