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Blue Without You by Denisa Gryczova

Do you realize how lucky we are living in such peaceful times? I know it´s not like this all over the world  and lately there have been some awful terrorist attacks all over Europe but I´m happy to say the place where I live doesn´t struggle with such disasters (so far). Looking back to the history of my country it wasn´t always like this.

In my today´s art journaling episode I was dealing with such cruel times a lot of families experienced during WWII in Central Europe. Many families were separated with no mercy. Desperate parents sending their beloved kids over the ocean to foreign places, just to save their lives. Knowing they might never meet again. Just a thought of such terror sends shivers down my spine.

Here´s a brief description how I made the spread. I started off by applying a random coat of heavy gesso on the paper. When dry I did some stamping with archival ink and glued down some bits of tissue paper using soft matte gel. When dry I painted the entire surface with heavy gesso again and let it dry.

Now comes the fun part. I grabbed ecolines, mists and various sprays just to drop the paint on the paper , spray it with water and let the drippings do their job. Do not forget to dry the piece after each colour used. As I was adding more and more colours, stamping and stains, the spread got its desired depth.

I wanted to illustrate the long distance between the poor family members so I went for tiny city stickers and glued them down. When I was happy with the background I attached two focal points. These are the vintage pics of one torn family. The wire I used symbolizes the family bonds and the damaged circle stands for the broken family one.

Hoping to make you stop, think and realize the luck we all have and bring some inspiration for your art journaling.

Happy crafting!

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  1. It's a tough topic. Your way of dealing with it is very inspirational. Congratulation!


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